About Us

Welcome to Chakrine Enterprise 

Chakrine enterprise is an authorized franchise of Bioceutics, one of the best enterprise in the market today with focus in multiple medical verticals along with nutraceuticals. We come with 15+ years of marketing experience in the industry. Our endeavor is to bring the best nutraceuticals in the market to our end users. Being an Indian origin company, we strive to promote best quality products made in India.

Bioceutics Inc

Bioceutics was established by a group of committed and experienced professionals who came together with “care” and “quality” as their guiding principles. Their vision was to go beyond the norm and provide the patients, a chance at healthy life AGAIN ! Today, when it comes to quality, availability and affordability of medicines, Bioceutics have gone beyond just growth and turned into a force to reckon within an extremely short span of time. The comapny owes this phenomenal success to their continuous commitment to innovative product development and manufacturing facilities that adhere to strict quality control as per Schedule-M, W.H.O-G.M.P guidelines.

Bioceutics has a market presence in more than 16 states in India with a product range encompassing tablets, capsules, syrups and injectables. Strategic collaborations with some of the finest companies in Japan / US have helped Bioceutics bring in a new range of world class products to India. Today Bioceutics INC is poised to go beyond geographical barriers to become a true Indian Pharmaceutical leader. The only desire behind all this hard work, dedication and commitment is to provide and ensure a better quality of life for all.

Bioceutics has pursued the path of innovation in the domain of Novel Drugs. Relentless endeavours over the years have resulted in breakthrough results & efficacy of the products we promote, which have significantly improved the disease management area to a great extent and every product formulation under these platform is backed by evidences. Bioceutics inventions is well-appreciated across India and has gained immense pride for the company in addition to the remarkable commercial success.